Eaton School holds Game of Life

Michael Hoult

Eaton School’s Game of Life
On Tuesday, October 22nd Eaton School held its first ever Realty Check – Game of Life event.  In the Game of Life, students in grades 9-12 were all given a chance to see some of the financial decisions and responsibilities that come with being a working adult. 
The students all selected a potential future career and then were given a beginning or average salary for that career.  After figuring out a monthly net salary (and getting to witness how much of your paycheque the government gets) students were then tasked with planning a monthly budget and deciding how to spend their salary.
Students had to find a housing option, a vehicle option, purchase insurance, put money in savings, visit a financial advisor, pay for taxes and utilities, and buy fuel, food, clothing, phone, Internet and so forth.  They even encountered some life surprises where you could have an unexpected windfall – like some birthday money or, more commonly, an unexpected expense – like a speeding ticket.
What made this event especially enriching for the students is that they didn’t only have to chart their expenses on paper, they had to visit booths where business and community representatives talked with the students about their choices, the consequences of that choice, and why they need to make certain financial decisions.  The students had some fantastic conversations with community members about their financial choices and ramifications of those choices. 
The afternoon was very successful, and students were very engaged in the process of making some adult financial decisions.  Eaton School would like to thank the many people and businesses that were able to help us with the day:

  • The Eaton School Community Council who provided several workers: Lisa Pressler, Kim Somerville, Amy Knuttila, Deanna Callsen, & Nicole Perry
  • Prairie Centre Credit Union – Amanda Stevens & Ashley Hamilton
  • Kindersley Mainline – Thomas Hrynuike
  • West Central Accounting – Steven Schwartz
  • Edge Realty – Brad Edgerton
  • Eatonia Agencies Ltd. – Kristina Lothammer
  • Eatonia Co-Op Grocery – Denise Pelletier
  • Eatonia Co-Op gas and hardware – Leo Pelletier
  • Liza Dahl

23 October, 2019