Eaton School Graduation 2020

Eaton School held its annual graduation ceremony on June 13, 2020.  Although the current COVID-19 pandemic meant the ceremony needed to be a little different, Eaton School was still able to have a beautiful and memorable graduation ceremony.

The event was held outdoors in order to follow the Saskatchewan Government's recommendations for public gatherings.  Fortunately, being a small school, Eatonia was able to celebrate all nine of its grads at once in front of their immediate family and some special guests.

The evening began with Eaton School Principal Lisa King introducing the grads and their parents.  She then welcomed the graduates, their families and their special guests.  She also brought greetings on behalf for the Sun West School Division, the Town of Eatonia, and the R.M. of Chesterfield.  Mrs. King spoke of how, even though graduation was a little different than everyone expected at the start of the year, the unusual circumstances in no way took away from the importance of their achievement and accomplishment.  She also spoke of the memories she had of watching them grow up through their school years.

After Mrs. King spoke graduate Hannah Swan delivered a toast to the parents.  Hannah spoke about the importance of graduates recognizing their parent's contirbutions to their lives.  As well as how much it meant to the graduates to know they would always have someone by their side no matter where their path in life takes them.  She also reminded their parents that now matter where they went in their life they would always find their way back home.

Hannah's message was followed by response on behalf of the parents, by Dion Swan.  Dion amused the participants with his advice he had for the graduates from their parents.  While the message was wrapped in humour it carried some important advice and wisdom for the graduates.

After the tribute to the parents, the grads took a moment to present their parents with a rose.

Emma Eckstein had been selected at the valedictorian of the class of 2020.  Emma spoke of the connection the school and the graduates with their community and with their families.  She thanked them for their support throughout the years and thanked those who were tuning into the livestream of the graduation ceremony.  She then spoke of her class's experiences in Eaton School and the journey they had been on together to bring them to where they were today.  

The final speaker of the afternoon was the graduate's former teacher Mr. Craig Sutherland.  While he was not able to be present in person, he provided a pre-recorded message for the grads.  Mr. Sutherland shared memories of the experiences he had had with the graduates as well as some advice for their futures.  

Once the speakers were done it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas and finish their time at Eaton School.  Mrs. King called the grade 12s up one at a time spoke to the guests about their strengths in high school as well as their plans for the futures.  They were then presented with their diplomas and given an opportunity to toss their caps in the air.

After the graduation ceremony the community had a parade through the town for the graduates.  The parade was lead by the Eatonia Fire Department and travelled down each street and avenue in town.

Congratulations to the grads of 2020 and best wishes for the future.

14 June, 2020