Eaton Marching Band Delights Crowd

What a beautiful day

The Eaton School Marching Band delighted the crowd that came out to see them on Tuesday, June 1.  The band marched the streets of Eatonia playing a variety of exciting songs for the townspeople that came out to see them.

The current global situation meant it was unsafe for the Eaton School Senior Band to have its traditional end-of-year Strawberry Social.  The band was not to be deterred, however, and was determined to have a chance to demonstrate the skills they have been learning over the last year.  

To demonstrate their band talents, the Eaton School Senior Band elected to have its first ever marching band performance.  The band students were not discourage by the extra practice that went into learning the new skills needed for marching band, and it showed off in their great playing.

The marching band played up and down most of the streets in Eatonia, and gave everybody an opportunity to see them play.  They also made sure to march past E.O.L. to give the residents there are chance to hear them play.

It was a great day for a marching band and it was a great performance.  Congratulations to Ms. Whitell on her excellent job building up the musicians in this year's marching band.  Also congratulations to all of the grade 9-12 band students are their fine playing and their great work in band this year.  This performance makes it a band year for the history books!


02 June, 2021