Eaton School Graduation 2021

Eaton School's Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, June 12th was a lovely tribute to the Class of 2021, recognizing their hard work and accomplishments over the past 13 years and celebrating the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next.

Graduates were called to the stage set up outdoors on the east side of the high school:
Jordan Anthony Graham – son of Janelle Layton and Anthony Graham
Johnathon Lukas Stevens – son of Paul and Lisa Stevens
Richard James Adams – son of Richard and Bonnie Adams
Weelar Holton O’Connor – son of Jamie and Colette O’Connor
Logan Anthony Davis – son of Mark and Sheena Davis and Nicole Gibbon
Kaleb Michael-Dean Lariviere-Bouvier – son of Amanda Bouvier
Carter James Maggrah – son of Miranda Maggrah
Quinn Evan Price – son of Derek and Vanessa Price
Brody Louis Oomen – son of Darryl and Vicki Oomen
Kyle Andrew Theaker – son of Chris and Susan Theaker
Katharina Peters – daughter of Wilhem and Anna Peters
Emma Jaymes McLay – daughter of Brent and Joanie McLay

Collective greetings from the Eaton School Community Council, the Town of Eatonia, the RM of Chesterfield and Sun West Board Trustee Michelle Brummond were shared with the graduates prior to the Principal's Message from Mrs. Lisa King. "Today is your high school graduation day, but it is not your last day of learning. Tomorrow is a blank page just waiting to be filled. All you have to do is be yourself and live the story that no one else can live—the story of your own unique life. Be proud. Be confident. And most of all, be happy. Greet the future with anticipation. Dream big and work hard. Remember your roots, your manners and the way home."

On behalf of the Class of 2021, Graduates Emma McLay and Brody Oomen expressed their appreciation and gratitude for all their parents have done for them throughout the years. Moms Joanie McLay and Vicki Oomen replied on behalf of the parents with a very touching message for their children and a special adaptation of the book, "I Wish You More“. Graduates presented their parents with a long stem red-rose.

Kyle Theaker was chosen to be valedictorian by his classmates as a testament to the friendship he formed with them over the past thirteen years. Kyle began by thanking the people that have helped shape them into the people they are today, their parents. He believes the Graduates are “lucky to have grown up in the best community in Saskatchewan. The support we have received over the years at performances and sports games has always been amazing. We have always had encouragement to do well knowing that the community had our backs. It is nice to know that even though some of us are leaving, we always have Eatonia to call home.” Theaker also said that covid restrictions “could be looked as a negative but the positive spin would be that with the help of the staff and support of the community, we have learned many traits that we will apply in our adulthood. We have gained resiliency, generosity, and caring for one another through challenging times. As the singer Brett Kissel says “Tough times don’t last, Tough people do.” To conclude, Kyle shared some humour as the graduating class left some gifts to the staff.

As Guest Speaker, Eaton Spartan Alumni Chad Guidinger who graduated 20 years ago in 2001 had many experiences and words of wisdom to share with the graduates now concluding their K-12 schooling and beginning the next chapter in their lives. Chad spoke of the significance of this moment in their lives and that if want to achieve any sort of measurable success they must earn it. Having spoken with the parents, Chad spoke to the qualities and characteristics of each graduate and gave them advice and encouragement. For the final portion of his speech, Guidinger shared and expanded upon 4 points that he has found will help the Class of 2021 lead an enjoyable life:
1.) Be kind. Show gratitude.
2.) Go global. Travel.
3.) You either Win or you LEARN
4.) Go and change the world
Hopefully the Class of 2021 takes Chad’s truly inspiring messages to heart.

Principal Lisa King then individually called graduates to the stage for the presentation of their Grade 12 diploma and spoke fondly of each graduate and special memories of their time at Eaton School. Graduates also received letters and cards of congratulations, a pen from Sun West School Division, a Centennial Cookbook from the Eaton SCC, a keepsake hat, and a special Spartan pin given only to Eaton School Graduates.

It was a beautiful day as Eaton School, the Community of Eatonia, family and friends celebrated the accomplishments of 12 young people who are now ready to set out and begin writing a new chapter in their lives. Congratulations to the Eaton School Class of 2021!

12 June, 2021