Eaton School Grad 2022 a Success

Eaton School

Back: Layton Davis, Rhys Busby, Xavier Lariviere, Kylan Wagner, Artur Zbercha, Johnny Knuttila
Front: Ryanna Leslie, Abrie Hayes, Madison Somerville, Candice Laich-Grant

Eaton School's annual graduation ceremonies were held on Saturday June 11, 2022.  This year, due to easing pandemic restrictions, the graduation ceremony was once again able to be held indoors.  As a result a beautiful ceremony was held on Saturday afternoon in the Eaton School Gym.

Ten of the eleven Eaton School graduates were able to participate in this year's ceremony (the eleventh having moved to Mexico) and were able to receive their diplomas from Eaton School Principal Mrs. King in front of their friends and family.  About 200 guests were present to watch the ceremony, which was also livestreamed for those who were unable to attend in person.

The ceremony began with a welcome addresses from Eaton School principal Mrs. King, and Sun West Board of Education member Michelle Brummond.  The class then took a moment to pay a tribute to their parents, lead by Madison Somerville and Candice Laich-Grant, and prarent representatives Elana Somerville and Cora Laich responded.

After the tribute to the parents, valedictorian Abrie Hayes addressed the crowd with a positive message both looking back at the past and looking forward to future.  After the valedictory address the class's chosen guest speaker, Mrs. Connie Volk, took to the microphone to share some word's of wisdom with the class.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a presentation of the grade 12 diplomas and a slideshow showing the grads growing from children to young adults.

Eaton's 2022 graduation ceremony was a success and was much enjoyed by all.  To watch the livestream of the event or to see the slideshow, you can see it on the Grad 2022 webpage.

11 June, 2022