Eaton School

PeBL at Eaton School FAQ

What is PeBL?

PeBL is Personalized electronic-based Blended Learning.  It is similar to differentiated instruction, but at a higher level.  Students will build learner profiles to discover how they learn best so that they can better choose the learning platforms that will benefit them the most.  Through self-awareness and self-discovery of their own learning styles, students will become empowered to take control of their own learning and become more engaged in the learning process.

What will PeBL look like in the classroom?


The classroom will have a variety of learning environments such as desks, tables, pods of computers, couches, group spaces, safe spaces, and more.  Students will be able to pick from these environments in order to find a working space where they feel the most comfortable and are able to learn the most effectively.


Instruction will be planned by the classroom teacher based on student learner profiles.  Face-to-face instruction will be supplemented with varying resources including, but not limited to, electronic devices, Makerspace, Study Forge, Moodle, etc.  Instruction will still adhere to the outcomes of the Saskatchewan Learning Curriculum.  PeBL does not mean an online course and there will still be as much face-to-face student-teacher contact as always.  With student learning needs taken into consideration, the elements of student voice, choice, pace and place will be teacher guided. This platform will allow greater individualized learning and collaborative opportunities to meet each student's needs.


Assessment naturally flows from the way instruction is individualized.  Students will be assessed based on the curricular outcomes in a variety of formats. Assignments and projects may be cross-curricular and could include outcomes from more than one subject area.

What will be the same and what will be different for my child?

Students will complete learner profiles and use this information to set personal goals for their learning.  They will continue to have assignments, assessments, and homework.  You may notice a difference in the types of assignments they are doing and how these assignments are done (for example assisted by technology).  Students will be able to work at an individual pace (with teacher guidance), but will still be expected to complete the Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes.

For more information on PeBL, please visit the Sun West PeBL website at: